AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

AIT is Austria’s largest non-university research institute and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. Its Center for Digital Safety & Security is making a significant contribution to ICT as it devotes concerted efforts to guarantee operational efficiency and reliability of all critical infrastructures – both private and public. It is committed to foster the roll-out of national infrastructure as well as the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies in the area of public administration, power grids, health care, transportation networks, payment systems, telecommunications as well as the business and industrial sector.
AIT builds on a broad basis of collaboration with academia and industrial players and has been always actively involved in numerous national and European (FP7, H2020, ESA) research projects, of which it has led many as coordinator (SECOQC, OPENQKD, UNIQORN). Moreover, its activities on photonic systems for communication / signal processing and photonic integrated circuits is backed by an ERC grant.

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Novarion Systems GmbH

NOVARION is the Austrian manufacturer of high-performance computers (server, storage & security systems). As such we are part of the worldwide supply chain of hard- & software manufacturers. We engineer our computer systems only from first class components, which we in turn distribute via highly experienced and knowledgeable resellers to perfectly fit our end user’s requirements. NOVARION is also dedicated to be at the forefront of research & development together with its scientific partners, especially in the field of quantum informatics. NOVARION uses such newly developed technologies to implement systems for artificial intelligence and other areas of high-performance computing, like simulation and optimisation applications. Particularly important for NOVARION is the meaning of its technology for a better future of humanity due to its commitment to improve climate and environmental conditions as well as the support of education, healthcare and welfare.

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