ECOC21 – HybridRoF

Hybrid Analogue / Digitized Radio-over-Fibre Downlink Through Orthogonal Optical mm-Wave and 10 Gb/s Baseband Transport

ECOC 2021, Bordeaux, France, Sep. 2021, We.4B.5


Aina Val Marti, Nemanja Vokic, Markus Hofer, Dinka Milovancev, Thomas Zemen, and Bernhard Schrenk


We experimentally demonstrate the simultaneous radio-over-fibre transmission of an analogue 1-GHz OFDM signal on a mm-wave carrier frequency at 33 GHz and digitized 10 Gb/s data. Single-wavelength transport is supported through an intensity/phase modulation pair and a compact silicon micro-ring resonator, at <1dB penalties.

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