Ultra-Low Noise Balanced Receiver with >20 dB Quantum-to-Classical Noise Clearance at 1 GHz

ECOC 2021, Bordeaux, France, Sep. 2021, Th2D.4


Dinka Milovancev, Florian Honz, Nemanja Vokic, Fabian Laudenbach, Hannes Hübel, and Bernhard Schrenk


We demonstrate a die-level balanced homodyne receiver for coherent optical access and continuous-variable quantum applications, featuring a 40dB CMRR up to 1GHz and a high quantum-to-classical noise ratio of 26.8dB at 12.3mW of LO power. 500Mb/s QPSK transmission was accomplished with a sensitivity of -55.8dBm.

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